General Questions

The Batsol should be available for purchase in June 2020.

Try the Sizing Tool or just get in touch with the Batsol Team for more help. If you already have the panels and the micro-inverters installed, do not forget to give their specifications so that you get the best advice.

The Batsol can work on its own on off grid sites but you will not be able to know what goes on with you system if you do not have a BatMatch. We strongly recommend having at least one BatMatch per system, whatever the system is.

If your panels and micro-inverters are fitted with MC4 MultiContact connectors, the only cables you should need are the CAN-Bus communication ones needed to connect the Batsols to the BatMatch. See the BatMatch User Manual for further information.

Batsol works best with a micro-inverter. So you can use the Panel + Batsol + micro-inverter unit as an AC source to be connected to a reversible off-grid inverter in a micro-grid configuration. It works really fine when the micro-inverter has a frequency shifting ability. Check the download area for sample schematics.

Batsol can also be used as a standard battery with BMS and a 30A output max capacity. Adding a small controller to drive the load allows you to use the Batsol as a perfect solution for light poles, small DC appliances sur as cellphones, lamps or pads. The storage capacity can be increased using the Batsol-E.

No. The Batsol cannot be wired in series. It has be specifically designed for micro-inverters. Check for the Batsol-MP, coming soon, for string inverters.

None. The Batsol includes the necessary protections.

No. The Batsol has no ground reference. It can be used on positive or negative grounded systems.

The BatMatch has an integrated webserver with standard http: protocol. It can be accessed with any computer with a web browser.

The Batsol is on the DC side and is only charged with solar energy. This is part of our pride: we store solar energy only.

Batsol can be paralleled but we recommend using the Batsol-E for increased storage capacity.

The Batsol Team is working hard to make it available in the beginning of 2018.

The Batsol-E is a storage extension to the Batsol doubling the capacity from 770Wh to 1’540Wh. It can be fitted in the panel like the Batsol and connects to it with a special paralleling cable. The Batsol’s electronics will handle the Batsol-E and make it work as one single larger unit.

A Batsol-MP works the same as a Batsol but at string level. It works for PV panels in series at higher voltages.

Just split your solar generator in three and use three BatMatch, one per phase.

Yes. For larger plants, you can use several BatMatch and link them in order to have only one interface. Ask the Batsol Team for more about this.