The universal storage solution for micro-inverters

Batsol® is a storage unit made of a NiMH 720Wh battery, a communicating BMS and an associated mechanical design.

The patented Batsol® design allows its easy implementation in any standard 60 to 72 cells PV panel with an aluminum frame. The entire Batsol® is within the aluminum frame of the photovoltaic module and there is nothing protruding. This allows the Batsol® to be used with almost any panel as long as it has a frame. An air space between the Batsol® and the panel back sheet and a patented thermal and geometrical design prevents it from overheating.

Batsol® input is wired to the PV panel using MC4 connectors. The MC4 output can be wired to a micro-inverter or a DC bus.

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The BatMatch manager is located near your energy meter and connected to all your Batsols and drives them to meet your needs.

  • It can monitor the surplus energy sent back to the grid and optimize the use of your storage capacity in order to reduce it as well as your bills
  • It can work on a set daily load curve
  • It can allow for energy saving or selling on demand.

The BatMatch communicates (Wifi, Ethernet, GSM…) and allows remote monitoring of the plant.

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