Batsol for homes

Use your own energy first and reduce your electricity bills

Store solar energy for later. What about using solar at night? Batsol just keeps some sun ready for your night hours. No need to draw power from the line anymore. Just get 100% solar.

Prevents grid sales

No feed-in tariffs? No incentives to send power to the grid? Just keep the power at home and use it later instead of sending it back to the grid for nothing.

Fits all roofs and stands

The Batsol is fitted inside each panel. It can therefore be implemented on any kind of roof, stand or structure. So Batsol will work for you too.

Start little then grow big

Thanks to its design, you can start with only one panel and a very low budget and then add some more little by little until you reach your energy needs. Batsol will allow you to get the most of your solar generator whatever its size.

Offgrid systems

Need to extend an existing offgrid system? Batsol is what you need. It is the first scalable storage solution that will not need more space.
Going for a mini-grid AC designed offgrid system? Batsol allows you to have scalable storage on the AC side too!


The BatMatch energy manager drives all the Batsol the way you need it and tells you what goes on.

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Calculate the benefits the Bastol system can bring to your project.

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