Batsol was invented by Olivier KRUG who worked in Renewables for decades and still works with the Batsol SAS team.

Batsol was at first designed by a strong and long lasting French industrial company based near Avignon and dealing with storage since 1990 and with renewables since 2003 for very demanding B2B projects. With an R&D staff of more than 15 engineers and a large state of the art manufacturing facility, Batsol was set in a perfect environment and benefits from the high quality standards of French industry.

In 2016, Batsol SAS was created to take care of the enthusiastic development foreseen.


Solar will not be an intermittent energy anymore.

Our target is to make it available and affordable at all times.


The Batsol Team is ready to assist you all along in order for your project to fulfill your expectations. We can assist with sizing, implementing, and servicing. Our engineers are here for you.


Job opportunities within Batsol can be found here.



IPME Storage, Ademe 2016

PRI Storage, PACA - BPI 2015

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