The universal storage solution for micro-inverters

Batsol® is a storage unit made of a NiMH battery, a communicating BMS and an associated mechanical design.

The patented Batsol® design allows its easy implementation in any standard 60 to 72 cells PV panel with an aluminum frame. The entire Batsol® is within the aluminum frame of the photovoltaic module and there is nothing protruding. This allows the Batsol® to be used with almost any panel as long as it has a frame. An air space between the Batsol® and the panel back sheet and a patented thermal and geometrical design prevents it from overheating.

Batsol® input is wired to the PV panel using MC4 connectors. The MC4 output can be wired to a micro-inverter or a DC bus.

The Batsol® units are linked to a management device called the le BatMatch®, using CAN bus RS232. The BatMatch® drives the Batsol® and allows it to produce or not when needed.

In order to increase the storage capacity, it is possible to add up to 3 Batsol-E® in one single panel, allowing to reach a total capacity of up to 9 times the panel power. A 10kWp PV generator can then be equipped with a total storage capacity of up to 92kWh.

You can add or remove a Batsol® from the system at any time. For the first time, the storage capacity can be adjusted just as needed.

The Batsol® is an easy to handle, secured item. It can be implemented by anybody anywhere, on grid time systems as well as on offgrid ones.

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