The ultimate storage solution for micro-inverters

The Batsol DC storage units are so simple to use. They simply fit into your solar panel and connect to the panel on one side and to the micro-inverter on the other side.



One photovoltaic panel + one micro-inverter + one Batsol = one complete Smart Power Plant Unit (SPPU)

Each SPPU assembly works on its own and at its best. Now just use as many of them as you need to reach your target. No need to think about high voltages, string sizing, inverter selection, panel orientation, panel balancing, shades, DC disconnects, DC surge arrestors and so on…they will just all give their maximum.


The storage capacity can be adjusted at any time, without changing anything in the generator, from 0 to 9 times installed PV Power

Easy to size and install

No battery room. No needed technical skills. No heavy handling. No civil works. Just use your panels as holders.

Easy to maintain

Replacing a Batsol® can be done by one single person in a couple of minutes without entering high risks premises.


mass production of Batsol allows competitive pricing

Increased H&S

Batsol® are connected to the PV module in low voltage (less than 40Vdc). They are fully isolated and prevent any electrical shock. They can easily be stored, handled and taken care of when worn out.

Unbeaten plant reliability

If one of the Batsol® is damaged, the generator’s operation and the other Batsol® are not affected and keep on working. If the Batsol® stops working, the PV module keeps on producing.

Even more flexible

The BatMatch® drives your energy just as you want it to be driven. Get hold of your production and make the decisions on how to use it.

Watch how Batsol works

… and now you can get sun power at night

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